Another episode on project/programme management- next week :)


ahead of schedule, next week I will release the new episode of the #business #case supporting #QuPlan (a #compliance case study)

call it a kind of “pro bono programme/project management and PMO training”- and the further 5 episodes, instead of being released between July and November, will start to appear in June šŸ™‚

updates? on my social media profiles, or by adding @robertolofaro on Twitter

links to the free and Amazon+Kindle books and presentation material? on (the episodes “per se” are within a “stack” on

obviously, I will also post one of my “how to” articles- this time, on Linkedin (and links elsewhere)- just in case others are interested in replicating the process but with their own design and their own business case (while writing it, I was thinking at various times about at least a dozen of other business cases that I could help former customers or colleagues on with “storytelling” and design :D)

if you consider that less than one month ago (April 22nd) I posted that I was ahead of schedule… it seems that my CV updates, language courses, and interviews/CV shuttling added more pressure, but also more motivation, not less- like that sci-fi movie about a travel to the center of the Earth to re-activate the magnetic core šŸ™‚

vacations? after the next project, probably to “fix” one of my language skills (or visit friends abroad)

have a nice week-end, a from tomorrow until Monday I will be focused mainly on this new publication, as well as bringing up the remaining 5 episodes to the same status, so that I can release them at a faster pace


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