a fitting choice for my last “queue&coffee” book of 2014 :)


today, I will start reading a 2-4-1 “book while waiting in line” (and continue my Chinese history and Piketty reading) that I picked up at a #library #sale (closing down) in #Turin- a simplified Italian grammar for Chinese, bilingual in Italian and Chinese

as, beside re-reading once in a while the Italian Constitution (in Italy, there are way too many who apparently do not bother to read it and its history, but are constantly doing their apprentice sorcerer routine Ć  la Disney/Fantasia with it), since I moved abroad and Italian fully became a foreign language (i.e. not used for thinking), I do the same with Italian language books šŸ˜‰

so, what better way to close a year that started with few months re-igniting my Chinese learning path? šŸ™‚


enjoy the last week of 2014 šŸ˜€


One thought on “a fitting choice for my last “queue&coffee” book of 2014 :)

  1. I know that the one closing down was a bookshop- but I spent so much money there in the past on language courses, and visited it often enough to have a look at what they had received, that I considered it more a library than a bookshop šŸ™‚

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