Year End Resolutions & Publishing Plans


If you are curious just about the picture… read the article:

Actually, watch the short video before continuing reading.

The morale? No matter the adversities, if are a runner, once you find the right tools, you will keep running.

As I posted yesterday on Facebook: “as the drafting of the publishing plan for 2015 (basically, one week-end out of two focused on learning & writing) was completed this week, I prepared the latest update of my presentation and CV- online from December 26th

further books on organizational change, business intelligence, and new media will be posted on in 2015 🙂

if you have suggestions… contact me on Linkedin :)”

Today I decided to “split” my post, between this “personal side”
and a “background side”, posted on a different blog (more a “virtual travelogue”), that I started while still in Brussels.

I think that most of my readers on Frype/Draugiem (I repost on just to keep my own “central” writing log) aren’t interested on the reasons why I defined this plan 🙂

I would like to start from the end: for a long series of reasons, over the last few months I prepared myself to procrastinate my own new initiative on change management (actually, I started adding that as a disclosure even when asked to send in my CV), something that I started in April 2013, after I had collected more than one year of local confirmations that I had zilch practical chances of resuming my work.

It is worth repeating: the reasons why I started in 2008 writing online under my own name is to at least share what I had learned through experience, experience-based analysis, and… because I was tired of those assuming that if you have no university degree, you cannot learn (both on-the-job and via books or courses- two sides of the same coin, neither self-sufficient): and if you have to pay your own travel expenses across Europe for job interviews that, more than once, are “tests” on this or that part of your CV, it starts being disappointing, and ends up being disgusting.

In late 2012 I decided to use some money to “pull the plug” from the local Circus, and visit Berlin; I had my local detachment of the multinational Circus also up there, but it was easier to spot each element of the band, and more sustainable, as at night I could return to my room, write by summary of the day, read something, watch movies, re-assess my plan for the following days, and… sleep 🙂

I wasted enough time between Turin, Rome, Brussels, Turin again- and I am not getting any younger in the process (actually, I think that the last few years in Italy shortened sensibly my life expectancy).

Assuming that I will keep getting CV requests for my old activities and something closer to that (and plenty of jokes picking up e.g. a technology I used last in… 1986), but nothing practical will ever start, and that the longer it goes, the lesser the chance, I simply focused on priorities- hence, my plan for next year.

It was exhilarating to cross the Ts and dot the Is on my “publishing drafts”, and between what is left of December and January I still have few more books and plenty of notes from my “book binge-reading” year to “pigeonhole” within the books that I have planned.

Actually, “mini-books”: each one of the books that I published so far (have a look on is either a brick to be used within the initiative on change management I wrote about, or an element of a larger puzzle.

Would you like to read a list of the titles? Well, that’s something that I will not share, as I like to share results, not just promises 🙂

Just join my Slideshare profile, and whenever something new is published, you will be the first to know.

The way I structured my plan is quite simple: one week-end out of two will be focused on writing and learning, as I hope to have spare week-ends (or travel for business at the end of each week, in which case the travel is good reading&writing&learning-by-watching-people opportunity).

As for the working week… I already prepared my updated CV and presentation (online later this week), cutting down one page, and I will complete today a streamlined version for my “target jobs” as a “Gastarbeiter in Turin”- as there is next to zilch chance that I can leave this town, for the time being.

Obviously, “working week” implies that it is time whose allocation depends on the needs of the activity that you are doing: therefore, that part of the plan might change- hence, my “week-end schedule”.

When you move from having direct customers (or, at most, customers via a partner who is anyway working on the same activity- as I worked only through word-of-mouth 1990-2007), to getting through endless lists of non-operational intermediaries, each one taking a large or small cut, and each one reducing the probability of getting paid when due (I heard plenty of horror stories in Italy such as “I will pay your previous project if you start a new project”), you start asking yourself: why bother?

Better to do something else- paid probably even less, but at least you are not subsidizing an inefficient system that does not add value; so, tomorrow I have to complete my CV update with a further element: a “simplified” CV, aiming just at the administrative side (something that anyway was part of my activities in various industries since the 1980s).

It is a “streamlined” version inspired by the one that I had somebody else prepare for me while in Brussels (in that case, in French; in this case, in Italian), just in order to avoid returning to Italy while I looked for something else; anyway, I learned a lesson the hard way: do not hide your experience.

Now, until I will have more time to “connect all the dots”, writing part-time a couple of week-ends a month is enough only to write a 40-50 pages 6×9 book a month.

My writing schedule might seem somewhat ambitious- but, frankly, it is a mere fraction of what I was used to write each year for business.

The only difference? Each book will have to be self-contained, or “linking” to what is already available online (it will be tricky to “manage” bibliography), to ensure that access to its content and supporting material could be done with a budget of… zero.

As for my IT skills… I will still use those that matter to produce analyses that will either become part of my books or my online posts, while for anything else… there are plenty of online venues where you can find “experts on-demand” (and I already managed or helped others to manage activities using people that neither of us ever met).

OK, now it is the time to get back to some other books (reading, I mean), also to complete my next articles about Chinese culture and history for

Meanwhile, have a nice week!


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