so, another step toward a new activity :) #change #workshop #BYOD #IoT #gossip

gossip is the tool of those that, whatever they say or cloak in “moral high ground” are, in effect, envious

but only that sad combination of dumb&envious resorts to back-biting

constructive criticism is welcome, and actually I checked with others any new initiative that I had in the past (including the current one): talking with people who went down a similar path few times is the best (and cheapest) way to “tune” and avoid expensive dead-end mistakes… also if they don’t buy

“Monday morning CEOs” who never managed even their own affairs and keep dispensing advice not welcome: time is too limited to be wasted on “book titles”-based advice

therefore… thanks to all that, face-to-face, and with direct and indirect means, gave me advice on how to improve

with the publication on Amazon, Kindle, Slideshare of the #BYOD and #IoT “case study”, the supporting material is complete and now it is the time to look for self-financing the activity

I waited twenty years, I can wait one year and meanwhile add more “case review” through threads emerging from news posted on @robertolofaro:)


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