Hegemony in an era of turmoil – Essay (July 1995)

In 1994 and 1995 I attended two Summer Schools on International Political Economy, the second whose official title was “The Politics of Global Finance” (albeit we agreed on a slightly more “neutral” title for the diploma, “International Political Economy”).

In July 1995 I had to prepare a short essay- and my assigned title was: “Hegemony in an Era of Turmoil” (the focus was in global finance, not on military issues).

At the time, we were observing the unification of Germany and the side-effects of the gradual collapse of the Cold War order.

But current news made interesting to review what I wrote in my essay during my summer 1995 vacation at LSE (original title of the course: “The Politics of Global Finance”).

Personally, after seeing the side-effects on the internal affairs of the help received from the EU, I do understand the unwillingness of Ireland to receive both the help- and the various strings attached.

Today, the second half: a 7-pages Acrobat file, focused on the role of the USA.

Yesterday, a 2-pages outline on the European Union (as most of of my classmates were non-European, and probably I was the only one who had had any political interest in European Union; see the link on the first page of the document).

Some of the remarks are, obviously, outdated. But others seem to have been written today.

Prescience? No- probably, despite all the changes, nothing really changed that much.

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And now, the essay.

The Essay


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