Hegemony in an era of turmoil – EU outline (July 1995)

In 1994 and 1995 I attended two Summer Schools on International Political Economy, the second whose official title was “The Politics of Global Finance” (albeit we agreed on a slightly more “neutral” title for the diploma, “International Political Economy”).

In July 1995 I had to prepare a short essay- and my assigned title was: “Hegemony in an Era of Turmoil” (the focus was in global finance, not on military issues).

At the time, we were observing the unification of Germany and the side-effects of the gradual collapse of the Cold War order.

But current news made interesting to review what I wrote in my essay during my summer 1995 vacation at LSE (original title of the course: “The Politics of Global Finance”).

Personally, after seeing the side-effects on the internal affairs of the help received from the EU, I do understand the unwillingness of Ireland to receive both the help- and the various strings attached.

Today, the first half: a 2-pages Acrobat outline, focused on European Union (as most of of my classmates were non-European, and probably I was the only one who had had any political interest in European Union).

Actually, it was my presentation (along with other slides, that I have converted into a mind-map), written on overhead transparencies, as you an see from the “style” (yes, so 1990s!).

Some of the remarks are, obviously, outdated. But others seem to have been written today.

Prescience? No- probably, despite all the changes, nothing really changed that much.

The second half? The actual essay, later this week.

If you have any comments- write me on twitter or on facebook or on linkedin

And now, the material.

The 2-pages Acrobat outline


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