Preview: Maximizing costs, minimizing ROI

The title of this article is both a provocation and a simple statement of facts.

It is funny to observe as something that was often the most critical issue with startups and growing SMEs is now visible in sensibly larger organizations.

The issue? The temptation of reducing risk by spreading too thin across multiple line of activities.

In theory, this could mean having multiple “fall-back” opportunities, should one or more of the alternatives fail to deliver the expected results.

In reality, this implies that you have multiple initiatives to coordinate- a tough call, made even more difficult to manage if you are within a competitive environment, where external issues could require a constant refocus.

In this article, taking the lead from the first public speech of the European President, a “what if” story on the application of the streamlining approach to the external relations of the EU 27.

The article will be available from January 20th.


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