What's coming next :)

As I wrote few days ago, I prepared few short articles.

I will alternate between technical and non-technical abstracts.

Each article comes from a simple consideration: for all the talking about “continuous improvement”, few organizations consider what is needed to seed innovation and self-sustaining improvement.

If you visit the CMMI website, beside books, whitepapers, and reports on technology, assessing organizational impacts, etc., I suggest that you read a funny short book.

The book applies not only to IT in a specific industry, but also to other organizational environments: and it is better than most (paid) “brainstorming”.

Until few years ago, complexity was really endemic in few industries.

By delegating or outsourcing non-critical activities to external organizations, organizational complexity is now both easier to control and more common.

The first “batch” of articles will try to share some practical ideas based on experience.

Target: how to evolve old rules and approaches within the new technological and social framework.

In alphabetical order:

Balancing Infrastructure
Evolving standards
Procurement 2.0
The economics of cybersquatting
The end of contracts

As usual, if you have suggestions for further subjects, contact me on Facebook, or (if you are already following me) on @twitter

Comments welcome.


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