AGB2009: evolution

When I announced the AGB2009 series, I planned a three-stages publication.

First, the abstract; then, a mind-map of my argument; finally, the summary, to be published here or elsewhere.

The fourth step, the full article, is for future publication as an e-book.

I published other maps, as minutes of public events, on September 24th (for the post-i2010) and September 29th (for ReMix09).

The response was way beyond what I had expected (also if the statistics shown online are quite unreliable :D).

Instead of stopping the experiment in September, I will continue the publication of AGB2009 articles, alternating the focus between social/political and technological issues.

Therefore, I decided that I will publish here only the abstract and summary of each article, without the mind-map.

Instead, I will keep announcing here the online mind-maps as “minutes” of conferences or reading material, always available online in on my profile (aleph123).

Why aleph123? Well, it was the first “nickname” that I used when I moved online my experiment on new media by becoming active in a social network (, in January 2007.

And it will be the name that I will use to publish some e-books online.

If you have an issue to suggest, contact me via @robertolofaro on Twitter (I “follow” anybody who “follows” me- unless they start spamming!).


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