Sharing intellectual property

This article is to announce a new step in my online intellectual property sharing.

To help you kick-start your own activities, and save some time.

For free.

The idea? Avoiding re-inventing the wheel.

The approach? Until 2008, I shared my documents only within my network.

The first documents? Of course, on the Moon Landing Anniversary 😀

With this blog, I consider my potential network members whoever bothers to stop by and read.

If you read my blog, you know that I am quite skeptical about all the obsession on IPR- Intellectual Property Rights 🙂

Why? Because I do understand the concept of recovering the investment in research, and the “ancillary” task of generating revenue.

But often is sounds as if everybody is focused not on creating new ideas, but on adding new labels to old ideas, so that they can assert intellectual property rights.

If you want- I could write something entitled “TheWorldOfIdeas”- but, frankly, somebody else called it Hyperuranos long, long ago.

Here and there you will find in my blog references to documents that I produced.

I am currently supporting pro-bono some activities outside the country (Belgium) where I reside now.

Yesterday I was asked: why pro-bono.

First, because I came to ICT and business from politics and the cultural environment.

If you are curious but you do not want to wander in my chaotic blog- heatre/radio/tv from my father, art galleries and operas from others, bookworming from having been raised in a family with a library, and used public libraries from when I had just completed elementary school.

And it is funny to apply business concepts to the cultural/political environment- and viceversa (ok- that’s my idea of fun).

Second, because across all my personal and business activities I collected skills and experience that are not always in demand.

But I made long ago a point of keeping each skill acquired that I see that could be useful alive- or to find somebody who will be my reference.

Eventually, for all the ICT technical skills, as there is a new version every few month, I settled on keeping alive those needed for my online presence and to understand what people are telling me.

And to acquire or refresh on-the-spot whatever is needed for the project or activity at hand.

As for the business skills… pro-bono, either for non-profit, startups, or my own network, is the way to keep what is not currently required.

So, I was helping to do marketing and funding requests for an art gallery, while I was focused on business intelligence and datawarehousing.

And I was building business and marketing plans for startups, while I was managing projects and negotiating contracts.

Why this article is a new step?

Because, starting from the Moon Landing Anniversary, you will find under the page “Sample business writings” material from my library.

It could be letters, business plans, marketing plans, templates- anything from my past (or current ideas) that I find interesting for some of my pro-bono activities.

There will be some limitations

If the documents had been produced for customers using customers ideas- sorry, those will not go online 🙂

Those will be part of my experience, but cannot be shared “per se”.

Instead, if a customer expressed interest in some of my ideas or business concepts, I will be sharing online the material (less any customer-specific addenda, of course).

I will share the material “as is”, i.e. mostly in preliminary draft status, as the final version was often heavily customized, and therefore I do not think that it would be appropriate to share those versions.

Usually, I will first share with a restricted group via e-mail, and the publish online.

Some material will have “omissis”- i.e. sections that will be removed, also if the documents have been entirely written by me.

This is of course to protect some potential future value, that I might use in consulting activities, from business models to technical ideas, and so on.

How to use it

My purpose is to help you kick-start and, of course, showcase my experience/expertise.

If you can do it “solo”, fine- just follow the rules laid out in Re-use it for free

In a nutshell: you can re-use it provided that you quote the source, and do not mislead your audience, customers, or whatever (e.g. by adding a copyright or trademark on my material :@).

Of course: if you want my help in applying those concepts… let’s talk


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