about posting online…

it should be easy to publish online- but it is not!

as in real life, most people are scattered everywhere- facebook.com, myspace.com, youtube.com, stage6.divx.com, etc

actually, my friends in Brussels use Facebook as a free-messaging system- and as I live there, it is facebook where I post (under my real name, the same here!) pictures and common events

my ruminations, multimedia and creative and communication and marketing experiments are on stage6.divx.com, but under my “nom de plume”, stage6.divx.com/user/aleph123; if you go there, please do not use my name 🙂

otherwise? business on linkedin.com (again, under my real name), while I left most of the other communities (youtube, myspace, joost, etc)

the reason of this transparency? as more than a professional paranoid that I know said (and with different passports… so, it is a shared “feeling” across their community), there is nowhere else better to hide something than in plain view 😉

so, according to this concept, the more I say the more somebody could think that is unsaid 🙂

the purpose is simple- three sides: professional, personal, generic human, shown in three set of communities, to save my time about repeating everytime the same information 🙂 and focus instead on something new…

[first published on https://www.frype.com/blogs/post/about-posting-online_564459%5D


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